Welcome to the PR World


Welcome to my blog, everyone!

I’ve tried this blogging thing before, and have never stuck with it. But I am going to try and stay committed this time.

My niche lies within the world of public relations. As I have learned from my professors, PR always needs to have a “seat at the table”. They should be consulted in every big decision a company makes (I’m looking at you, United Airlines).

As we have recently learned from the United debacle, allowing your CEO to draft their own apologies can be troublesome. It’s these kinds of situations I will be blogging and giving my take about.

I hope this blog will give me the outlet to give my PR take on current events, both positive and negative. But I also have other interests, such as sports and pop-culture. So expect me to chime in on those areas from time to time.

I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts with you!



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